Does Alabama have a problem with renewable energy? More and more experts are claiming that it does. These impacts go far beyond the state's care of their natural environment, it now looks as though Alabama's refusal to support new forms of renewable energy is a contributing factor in their overall declining economy.

The Necessity for Developing Renewable Energy

Although experts have different theories about the idea of "peak oil", there's no doubt that cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy will be necessary to ensure our very survival in the future. Despite an overwhelming array of data explaining the need to explore alternative sources of energy, there are many holdouts even within the United States. Alabama is one of the most notable states in their unwillingness to support renewable energy.

The stock market can be a tricky place, especially if you want your money to grow while being invested in something in which you believe. However, that is easier than many people think these days. Green stocks are booming, especially in energy, and over the next decade, technological, political, and market pressures are only going to push them upward. There are plenty of these great, booming stocks out there, but here are three to examine.

These days, some business owners are doubtful of the value of joining their local Chamber of Commerce when they consider the fact that the Internet seems so much more important nowadays than a brick-and-mortar local association. It generally costs money to join a Chamber of Commerce, and many business owners wonder if the investment is worthwhile.

Frustrated with the current, broken, state of online advertising, Brendan Eich, the father of JavaScript and one of the men behind Mozilla, just invented a new form of cryptocurrency that works with online stores while bypassing the invasive and toxic experience of surfing the web. Eich's decision to produce a new cryptocurrency comes as a response to the recent news that more than half of the top 50 news sites transmit users' browsing preferences in ways that users may not appreciate. Online advertising is like a proud nail that people keep running into; while no one likes ads taking up their screens, ad money is the leading source for what funds much of the content available on the web.

Running a business is not always easy. This is especially true for newer businesses and smaller ones. There are many challenges that business owners must face in order to become successful. Over time, there are many particular issues that will arise that a business must overcome. While things may seem difficult from time to time, going through challenges and overcoming them is a great learning experience for any business owner. Below is a list of some of the top challenges that most business owners must face and get through.