The stock market can be a tricky place, especially if you want your money to grow while being invested in something in which you believe. However, that is easier than many people think these days. Green stocks are booming, especially in energy, and over the next decade, technological, political, and market pressures are only going to push them upward. There are plenty of these great, booming stocks out there, but here are three to examine.

Atlantica Yield PLC (ABY)

This company owns a wide range of international assets in renewable energy, including solar, wind, and hydroelectric. They own a large number of transmission lines and grids as well. They have been performing upgrades to these systems, creating huge efficiency savings.

They also own a large number of water assets, which most prognosticators say will be huge in coming years. This, combined with their diversity in generation and locale, provide for a steady investment over both the short and long run. Their company commitment is to growth, investing cash returns in more acquisition of both generation and supply assets. That commitment also shows in their regular upgrades and new construction, especially in solar power generation.

The company is incorporated in the UK. However, their assets are spread around the globe in North America, South America, Spain, and Algeria.

MagneGas Corp (MNGA)

Right now, this stock is trading very low on NASDAQ, so it is an easy one to buy into, though that always means to do so with caution. However, they specialize in converting waste to energy, and they have a huge potential to make further inroads in this industry that is about to explode.

Waste to gas conversion solves two environmental problems at once, and they own a proprietary process that can convert garbage and biomass into methane. This method would be far more environmentally sound than fracking, uses far less water, and is far more efficient than other methane capture processes, meaning less methane escapes into the atmosphere. This increases their output production and is environmentally appealing. And while coal and oil are likely fading out of use over the long term, natural gas will almost certainly be a part of the world's energy portfolio for the foreseeable future.

Pattern Energy Group (PEGI)

This San Francisco-based company is a leader in the development and construction of wind power. They own a portfolio of 20 different wind farms in the United States, Canada, and Chile with more than 2,200 MW of total generation capacity. They recently completed a 150-megawatt facility in Indiana that is considered state of the art.

While the stock has seen some volatility in the last year, and their bottom line has missed projections in three of the last four quarters, that is mostly due to expenses made in construction. With that now complete, many analysts believe that the revenue will start rolling in. Merrill Lynch has moved it from neutral to buy, and JP Morgan recently initiated coverage on it, showing it has real potential to provide dividends.

Use Your Head and Your Heart

When putting your money into something that expresses your personal or social opinions, you have to do your research as well. Investing in socially responsible or green-oriented companies can be tricky, but there are some great opportunities out there for those who look in the right places.